From every Indian mind, when we talk about sports the first thing that comes up is all about Cricket. Indians love cricket but they are moving forward with other sports as well like Horse Racing, Tennis, and Football. But Cricket will always fall on #1. 

The relationship between Sports and Betting is very much correlated. The question coming to your mind is HOW? Right!

Let’s discuss how sports and betting are CORRELATED. 

With the increase in awareness and understanding, there is an increase in sports betting also. People from earlier times were very much interested in sports but due to a lack of awareness and knowledge, there was a lack of interest. In earlier times sports were considered for royal people. But in today’s time due to the increase in understanding of sports people are very much interested and even bet more and more.

With an increase in sports betting it is obvious there is an increase in online betting platforms. In India, there are thousands of platforms providing online sports betting. And with that for newbies as well as professional bettors, various online betting sites like TigerExch are providing cricket betting tips so that bettors don’t fumble and win big.

One of the major reasons for this growth of online sports betting is easy access to online cricket ID all over the world. In India, the survey says around 140 million people are betting ontheir favoritete sport daily. And during the time of big cricket tournaments like IPL, the counting is increased.


India is a nation of sports lovers, so there is no surprise for sports betting growing so rapidly. 

Indians are fond of the Internet also and this is one of the reasons for the growing sports betting market. India is the second largest country to access the internet. And due to this people find it very easy to register themselves on online betting sites and bet on their favorite sports. 

Another reason for this is the increase in the percentage of mobile users in India. For Indian people mobile betting is very much more convenient than a desktop. And because of this fans can place their bets anytime on their favorite sports and team or player with an online cricket ID. The research says, there are around 700 million smartphones in India and still overgrowing. And it is more convenient to bet on phones rather than going to bookies for betting. It is less time-consuming and more convenient. 

Adding more, during the pandemic period it hitted the most. During that time people were free and utilizing their time majorly on phones and mainly on online games especially betting. People felt excited to bet more and more and to earn money from online sports betting. Indians utilized their sports skills on betting platforms like TigerExch because this platform provided cricket betting tips to understand more about online cricket betting. 

An increase in the popularity of sports like cricket and football becomes one more reason for the rise in sports betting. There is special love from Indians for these two sports i.e. cricket and football and this gives a boost to the rising of sports betting in India. 

There is an unbeatable debate going on for the legalization of sports betting in India. There is no special law mentioned yet that sports betting is illegal in India but no law suggests its legality also. People of India are still confused about its legalization but the survey says the government might legalize sports betting all over India i few years down the line. And looking at the rise in sports betting in India so rapidly, the government might take up a positive decision very soon. 

Compared to other countries, India is having a very young population with an average age of 28 years in 2022. And it is considered that young people like to take risks more for entertainment like online sports betting. And this also becomes one of the major reasons for the growth of online sports betting in India. Young people of India log into their favorite online betting site – TigerExch and place their bets on their favorite sports. They also believe to refer to cricket betting tips provided by TigerExch.


In today’s time, people have found comfort in online sports betting sites which provide a hassle-free experience to them. Online betting sites like TigerExch provide cricket betting tips to provide more knowledge and understanding of sports betting to win big. If you are a sports fan and willing to try your hand at it – then go for it. You will enjoy the experience with secured Online Cricket ID from TigerExch. 

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