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How does Tiger Exchange ensure fair play and prevent fraud

We illuminate you that by getting to our Site you become a Client. As a Client, you proclaim that you are of lawful age and that you have the essential legitimate ability to acknowledge completely this Security Strategy. This Protection Strategy ought to be pursued related to our Treats Strategy and the Agreements that direct the gaming contract among FairPlay and the Client.

We want to believe that you partake as far as you can tell at Tiger Exchange.


Tiger Exchange is India’s #1 online betting platform. For any inquiries connected with your own information and the assurance of information overall. You can contact the Agent of Information Insurance of Sportium through the email.

WHAT IS Own Information AND Handling?

Individual information is information that distinguishes or permits the recognizable proof of a person. For instance, the information that can distinguish an individual is the first and last name, while the ID number can recognize the individual. Individual information incorporates data, for example, wireless number, email address, and date of birth, among others. It might likewise incorporate mathematical identifiers, for example, the IP address of your PC, as well as data acquired through threats.

Individual information handling is any activity or set of tasks that we perform. On your own information, such as, the assortment, recording, capacity, use, and correspondence of your information.

WHAT Sort OF Data DO WE Gather?

To partake in our gaming and wagering administrations, we really want data about you. The data we gather through our Site is: 

first and last name, orientation, date of birth, ethnicity, ID number, city, address, postal division, state, cell number, email address, client name, exchange history, and game history. Likewise, to empower withdrawals, it is fundamental that you furnish us with a photo of your ID card, your Mastercard or bank receipt assuming you have kept by bank move. Other documentation expected for the withdrawal technique you use, as depicted in the “Installment Strategies” segment of the Site.

To confirm the geographic extent of association of the clients. Tiger Exchange additionally gathers information connected with the IP of the clients. Moreover, we gather information on route and utilization of the Site through apparatuses that might permit your observing. You can counsel our Treats Strategy.

HOW Would WE Deal with YOUR Own Information AND WHAT Freedoms Could YOU at any point EXERCISE?

We need to be straightforward with you and illuminate you about the reasons for which we process your information. As there is a gaming understanding between us, it is fundamental for you. To realize that your own data is utilized to satisfy the accompanying principal commitments emerging from that understanding:

  1. To furnish you with gaming and wagering administrations.
  2. To do suitable examinations important to follow our legitimate and administrative commitments which incorporate consenting to (to the degree conceivable):
  • The necessities and requests of any pertinent gaming and betting regulations;
  • The suggestions or direction of any pertinent administrative body;
  • The necessities of material regulation to battle illegal tax avoidance, extortion, psychological militant funding, pay off, defilement, and tax avoidance;
  • Some other regulations, guidelines, handouts, notification, or requests that could some way or another apply; or potentially
  • To do suitable and important examinations, to guarantee consistency with our controlled betting liabilities, in regard to self-avoiding or weak clients.

Tiger Exchange not just cycles your information for consistency with authoritative and lawful commitments yet in addition does explicit handling that you ought to know about. The information security guidelines require that for the handling of your information we have a premise that legitimizes such handling. Subsequently, to handle your own data we depend on various lawful bases relying upon the action or handling that we complete with your information.

Your Assent

We might send business correspondences by means of SMS, email, phone, or warnings. On account of the Tiger Exchange Application, about advancements that might hold any importance with you, benefits, and so on. Such sending of business interchanges may be completed given that you have recently agreed to the handling of your own information for this reason. Regardless, we illuminate you that you can pull out your assent and. In this way, go against getting business correspondences whenever in a straightforward manner.

Our Authentic Interest

We have a real interest in gathering your own information as it furnishes us with the data important to further. Develop your web based gaming experience all the more successfully. Regardless, this authentic interest depends on an examination of the fitting equilibrium of our inclinations in handling. Your own information and your privileges and opportunities. The aftereffect of this examination will decide if we can involve. Your own data for the handling depicted in this Security Strategy, aside from the handling of division. Profiling for sending business correspondences, for which we require your express assent.

The execution of the agreement

Right now you explicitly acknowledge our Agreements you become involved with the gaming contract went into with us. For us to have the option to satisfy our commitments under these Agreements, we really want to gather and deal with your own information.

Consistence with a legitimate commitment

Online Cricket ID as a gaming administrator goes about as an information regulator and thus we should consent to various commitments. Forced by gaming, extortion, counteraction, and tax evasion guidelines. Specifically, we really want to deal with your own data to confirm your personality, actually look at your age and the beginning of your assets to forestall. Fight extortion and illegal tax avoidance, and block gaming accounts, among others.

In this way, in those cases in which the lawful defense for any of our handling is the satisfaction of a legitimate commitment. Your refusal to give us those individual information that are lawfully required will make it unthinkable for you to partake in the help we offer since doing so would involve a break of the guidelines to which we are subject.

How long do we keep your own information?

Tiger Exchange is dependent upon consistency with legitimate commitments of different sorts that require the maintenance of data given by clients during the legally binding relationship for specific timeframes. (now and again as long as a decade from the conclusion of the legally binding friendship). Be that as it may, and as per the material guidelines. Your information will be saved for the sole reason for agreeing with the previously mentioned legitimate commitments and for the detailing, exercise. Protection of cases, during the time of impediment of the activities emerging from the authoritative connections.

What are your freedoms?

This segment depicts the privileges that you can practice over your information, contingent upon the handling that is completed on them. If it’s not too much trouble, note that relying upon the lawful premise on which your information is handled, your privileges might be restricted.

Right of access

You reserve the option to have it affirmed whether we are handling your own information. Assuming this is the case, the option to understand what information we are handling.

Right of correction

You reserve the option to adjust your information on the off chance that it is mistaken or fragmented. To do as such, you should demonstrate which information you wish to alter and give suitable proof.

Right of resistance

You can go against the handling of your information while the handling depends on genuine reasons. Or when we are managing individual information whose object is to do publicizing and business prospecting exercises.

̉Right of deletion

In the cases accommodated by regulation, you can protest whenever, because of reasons connected. With your specific circumstance, to the handling of your information. For our situation, you can go against

(I). The sending of publicizing and special correspondences by electronic means by designing it from your client account in the “My Record” area, and

(ii) to have us break down your utilization of the Site, by setting your inclinations in the treat the board that we make accessible to you or by arranging it in the Web program that you use to peruse the Site, as made sense of in our Treats Strategy.

Right to information compactness

You reserve the option to get or potentially move to an information. Regulator other than FairPlay the individual information you have given to us.

Right to restriction of handling

You reserve the option to request that we suspend the handling of your own information when :

You have challenged the exactness of your information, while Tiger Exchange confirms. The precision of the information; or on the other hand – You have practiced. Your entitlement to protest the handling of your information, while FairPlay checks whether the genuine reasons of Tiger Exchange offset those of you as an information subject.

Moreover, this right permits you to demand Tiger Exchange to hold your own information when:

The information handling is unlawful and as an information subject, you object to the cancellation. Your information, mentioning rather a limitation on its utilization; or.

Tiger Exchange at this point does not needs your own information for the motivations behind the handling yet needs them for the definition, exercise, or protection of cases.

For what purposes do we deal with your information?

  • Handling of client enrollment and record opening;
  • Sending you a welcome email upon enrollment through our Site or Application;
  • Offer help in the cycles of secret key neglecting and recuperation;
  • Incorporate a past filled with put down and progressing wagers;
  • The arrangement of client support: the executives and handling. Client occurrences as well as grumblings, demands for data, the activity of freedoms, or potentially client questions got through client support on the Site, by means of phone, or talk;
  • Recording of the association kept up with us through the client care diverts to determine episodes and work on the assistance;
  • The administration and handling of wagers and different games 365 live presented on the Site as well as the Application;
  • The attributing of prizes to your gaming account;
  • The administration of stores and withdrawals from accounts made by clients;
  • The board of the record in the event of suspension because of latency. Restricted or potentially self-prohibited clients by impeding the client’s open records;
  • The arrangement of gaming administrations: Opening, Club, and Poker.

Extra purposes:

  • Investigate and section clients’ inclinations, ways of behaving, and gaming propensities and examples.
  • Make client profiles as per their way of behaving, gaming examples, and perusing propensities, among others.
  • To configuration publicizing methodologies as well as special missions as per such inclinations and profiles.
  • To screen the utilization of our Site and Application.
  • Work on the setup and ease of use or client experience of our Site and Application.
  • Sending business interchanges by electronic means (SMS, email and so forth.) about us and its items and administrations adjusted as you would prefer, inclinations, interests, and gaming propensities.
  • Reaching Clients to offer advancements and advantages custom-made as they would prefer, and inclinations and illuminating them about new items and administrations.
  • Control, identify, forestall or potentially report false as well as criminal lead.
  • Examine the beginning of assets.
  • To control the client’s gaming action.
  • Block those wagers as well as client accounts or potentially drop wagers helpless to being false.
  • Confirmation of the client’s character and the method for installment utilized.
  • To deal with the support of the clients in the different limited time activities did by Sportium and in which the clients choose to partake.
  • Make due, where suitable, the conveyance of the comparing prize to clients who are victors.

What are focusing on and profiling?

To send you promoting interchanges customized to your inclinations, we use methods alluded to as “focusing on and profiling”. Division and profiling is any type of computerized handling of individual information that comprises social events, all the cricket bet live and wagering information. That we have put away on all player clients and cross-referring to it with other client information to acquire player (model client) profiles. Along these lines, we can offer clients advancements as indicated by a particular sort of game to which they are connected.

What data do we gather to do the profiling?

To do the profiling, we really want data about the client’s perusing conduct on our site, their area, the quantity of wagers, their inclinations, and so on.

How does profiling influence the sending of business interchanges and advancements by electronic means?

Thus, through division and profiling, we can bunch clients as per their occurrence or contrast in various principles such as, the items that interest them. The advancements where they are most intrigued, their betting propensities or their reaction to the business correspondences sent by Tiger Exchange. At the end of the day, by applying division and profiling methods and apparatuses. On client information, we can get different client profiles to bunch them and proposition them separated items and administrations, advancements, gaming encounters, and business correspondences substantially more in accordance with their specific qualities.

TO WHOM DO WE Impart YOUR Information?

We might convey your own information that are completely important to outsiders to follow the gaming contract endorsed with the Client, such as:

  1. Correspondence with installment stages, banks, and organizations in regard to which such correspondence is vital to handle exchanges. 
  2. The individual information of the clients, the awards acquired and the method for installment will be imparted to the duty experts in the cases accommodated by regulation.
  3. Other conceivable outsiders to whom we might impart your information, dependent upon a lawful prerequisite or premise that legitimizes the correspondence:
  • Legitimate counsels
  • Courts
  • Charge Organization
  • Government organizations and policy management

Information processors who, to offer the important types of assistance, should approach specific data and additionally private information. The information might be conveyed to providers with admittance to information. With whom the commitments and obligations that they accept in the treatment of the information are formalized, in their ability as Information Processors. We buy into the relating information handling gets that incorporate the due ensures with respect to the handling of individual information, secrecy and retraction, annihilation, or return.

Moreover, we might convey your own data in the accompanying cases:

  1. On the off chance that we, or considerably our resources, are all procured by an outsider where case individual information held by us about our clients will be one of the moved resources. Any such exchange will be recently educated and imparted.
  2. To uphold or apply the agreements of purpose of our Site.
  3. To safeguard the security and freedoms of our staff and our client clients. This incorporates trading data with different organizations and associations for extortion anticipation and credit risk decrease.


We illuminate you that we work with outsider suppliers fundamental for the legitimate arrangement of our administrations on the Site and portable application. These may, in the activity of their action, approach your information, for example, providers. Who assist us with improving and upgrading our site and other outsiders, or the people who offer us upkeep administrations for our data sets. Tiger Exchange buys into the related information handling gets that incorporate the due ensures. With respect to the handling of individual information, secrecy and retraction, annihilation, or return.

IS YOUR Information SECURE?

To guarantee fair and straightforward handling of your own data, we will embrace fitting techniques. Cricket ID will incorporate the execution of specialized and hierarchical measures that consider. The conceivable gamble and right any mistakes distinguished in the individual information handling, so the gamble of any blunders is limited, treating your information decently and safely.

All data you give to us is put away on secure servers. Sadly, the transmission or correspondence of data by means of the Web isn’t totally secure. Consequently, whenever we have gotten the entirety of your data, we will utilize severe security techniques to attempt to forestall unapproved access.

We additionally guarantee that our specialist co-ops likewise have suitable security guidelines. For the assurance of individual information to which they have or may approach, as per appropriate information insurance regulation.

CHANGES TO THIS Protection Strategy

The current Security Strategy might differ over the long run because of potential changes in the rules. Kept by the skilled information assurance control authority at some random time. Tiger Exchange, consequently, claims all authority to change this Security Strategy to adjust. Such standards, as well as to new jurisprudential or official turns of events.

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